DMS Sound Systems Ltd - our sister company

We also have expertise in music system design and installation


Public Address Systems-Sound-to-Light-Voice Evacuation-Paging-InStore Music


We design and install sound facilites in many types of places where there are people to listen.  The

equipment we use will be more familiar to you as in-store music, loudspeaker announcements in

factories, stores and public places, and bleep systems that enable people to keep in touch

Over 20 years experience in retailing operations industry


Typically our customer base includes:

> Retail stores - food and non-food

>Manufacturing - chemical processing and paper production

>Leisure sector - nightclubs, pubs, gyms

> The Public Sector



Our services include:

* Music systems - Loudspeaker voice messaging and announcement systems to public and work areas

* Foreground music - Higher volume music in pubs and nightclubs

* Background music - Suitable for shopping environments and quieter areas of pubs

* Sound-To-Light Systems- for  example disco lighting and music output controlled by the nightclub DJ

* Volume of music and flashing/rotating lights interconnected to dancing areas using digital data - and coordinated light shows


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